Israel comes under cyber-attack from multiple opponents

1337, H4x0rL1f3, ZombiE_KsA and Invectus are among the names used by attackers who yesterday (Monday) hacked the Israeli web sites of popular brands such as Coca Cola, Groupon and the BBC. The sites were defaced in order to spread anti-Israeli political statements. The attackers have been active for some time and have identified a new point of attack in the latest flare-up in the Middle East conflict.As can be seen from the mirrors saved and archived by the hackers on, they have been going about their work for a while. In September, the protest was aimed at the alleged denigration of Mohammad following the controversial “Innocence of the Muslims” video. The anti-Israeli statements that have now appeared are typically filled with hate and antisemitism: “I am writing on the behalf of all Pakistani and all Muslims. Damn you Isreal [sic].”

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