Is the web closing? Continued entrepreneurship – such as AOL in the 1990s – always threatens to restrict the internet, but never does by Esther Dyson

Within the tech community, there is much angst about whether the web is about to be “closed”. Will it be controlled by companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google, or will it remain “open” to all? Will individuals be able to reach any content they choose? Will developers be able to serve users on any platform?These questions are not new. Fifteen years ago, in the United States at least, it was America Online (now AOL) that was closing the internet. Millions of people were relying on it for internet service and content. Today, AOL’s purported control of the internet looks like a joke, but it was considered a real threat at the time.To read this article by Esther Dyson on the Project Website in full, see:

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