Is Terria Collapsing as the Third Member Withdraws?

Terria, the consortium that originally comprised of nine members as a rival to Telstra has lost its third member with TransACT announcing it is withdraw following AAPT and then Soul-TPG’s withdrawal reports Australian IT.While both Terria and TransACT have issued a joint statement saying they are both committed to the project, one must wonder if the consortium is in danger of collapsing.In the joint statement, TransAct chairman John Mackay and Terria chairman Michael Egan said both parties would remain committed to providing better broadband services to Australians despite the decision reported Australian IT.Both companies would be submitting bids for the roll-out of the NBN, they said. “This was a long-standing expectation by both companies,” Mr Egan and Mr Mackay said.To read coverage in Australian IT see,24897,24557341-15306,00.html.

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