.IS Domains Registry Fee To Increase For First Time Ever

The registry fee for domain names under Iceland’s ccTLD will increase for the first time since the ccTLD was delegated over 30 years ago, the registry ISNIC announced.

The annual registry fee, that is the fee charged by ISNIC to registrars, will increase by ISK310 and €2, but the date of the increase wasn’t included in the registry announcement. After the increase, the annual fee for .is domains will be ISK6,293 including 24% VAT, and €31.90 without taxes, to registrants residing outside of Iceland.

The annual fee for ‘.is’ domains has never increased before but has decreased several times since the domain was first delegated around 1990. The annual fee was reduced 2014 by ISK1,000 – from ISK6,980 to ISK5,980. In 2008, on the other hand, it cost ISK12,450 (€83) to register a .is-domain name!

The increase in the annual fee was proposed by the CEO and approved by Directors at a Board meeting in late February. The increase is necessary to keep up with the constant increase in operating costs – especially labour costs – which have risen enormously in Iceland in recent six years the country code top-level domain registry ISNIC said. According to Statistics Iceland these costs have risen just over 42%.

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