.IS Introduces "Dispute-Lock" For Disputed Domains

ISNIC logo.IS domain names in dispute will be locked under changes to dispute resolution rules ISNIC, the Icelandic registry, has ruled.
The rule changes are to prevent disputed domain names from being transferred to another registrant. To do this, the registry is implementing “dispute-lock” following the party disputing the domain name producing evidence that is accepted by an Icelandic court of other qualified party.
Below are the changes from the ISNIC website that will be made to .IS registration rules:
To article 1 the following definition is added:
1.1.17 Dispute lock
Registrant of a domain under dispute lock can not be changed.
New article 12:
12. Dispute Lock
12.1 Parties to a dispute over a particular .IS domain can, under certain circumstances (see 12.4a,) request that ISNIC lock the domain such that the domain’s registrant can not be changed.
12.2 Locking a domain does not affect the domain’s technical status. Locked domains can be re-delegated to different hosting providers.
12.3 The lock requester registers the locking request electronically via the ISNIC web and pays the locking fee according the the ISNIC tariff. Accompanying the request must be copies of the case documentation as delivered to the appropriate resolution authority (see 12.4).
12.4 ISNIC considers locking requests if accompanied by verification that the case has been brought to resolution by
a) Icelandic Courts or
b) The Icelandic Consumer Agency or
c) The ISNIC Board of Appeals or
d) any other party, formally qualified to issue a legally binding verdict in the case.
12.5 The dispute-lock on a domain lasts for 6 months. It can be extended another 6 months without
a renewed application if a resolution is expected within 6 months and progress is documented on the case.
If the case is unresolved after 12 months a new locking application must be made and new documentation
submitted indicating that the case is still being processed by the appropriate resolution authority.
12.6 A domain under dispute-lock is transferred to the lock requester if
a) the current registrant deletes the domain or
b) the current registrant ignores a verdict to delete, or to transfer, the domain to the lock applicant.
12.7 A domain transferred to the lock requester has it’s creation date set to the day the dispute resolution is implemented by ISNIC.
12.8 If a reconciliation is reached during the dispute-lock period, the lock requester must register this with ISNIC, closing the case and lifting the registry lock. The locking fee is not refunded.
For more information, see www.isnic.is/english/news/index.php.