Is ICANN Handling Too Many Policy Issues?

Responding to a Domain Name Wire article on whether there is “policy overload” at ICANN and whether they are “handling too many policy efforts at once”, David Olive responds on the ICANN Blog saying the answer with a definitive “no”.Olive writes that “Public Comment periods are vital in satisfying ICANN’s goal to be a bottom-up multi-stakeholder policy making body and to provide openness and transparency in its policy development processes.””An ICANN policy development process takes time to gather all viewpoints. Imagine how long it would take ICANN to address your particular policy issue if there were an arbitrary limit. If the ICANN community only handles seven or ten issues at once, that means all other issues remain parked indefinitely, probably for months.” Olive notes that there have been notable achievements in 2010, and if it was not for having so many policies being considered, issues “such as IDNs and DNSSEC going into the root might still be waiting to happen”.To read the full posting by David Olive from ICANN on the ICANN Blog, see: