Is Google Chrome OS cloud computing’s silver lining?

It’s based on open source, but Chrome, Google’s cloud computing OS, will lock users into an unmodifiable world. Is this limiting or liberating?Although it won’t be available for another year, Google’s Chrome OS is an attempt to take over the fast-growing netbook part of the PC market, which is currently dominated by Microsoft. It’s aimed at people who live their lives online, and who can do everything they need in a Google Chrome browser. And if you’ve been following the hype for “cloud computing,” Chrome OS is designed specifically to work with the cloud. Installing your own software simply isn’t allowed.If Chrome OS takes off, it will give Google an unprecedented degree of power over PC vendors, who will only be able to use components that Google specifies and supports. Google will control and maintain the operating system remotely, so if it doesn’t want you to have something, you can’t have it. It’s like having an auto-update service that you can’t turn off.

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