Is Facebook’s Scrabble game going to disappear?

It might, because Hasbro, the toymaker which owns the rights to the famous board game in the US and Canada, has served a shutdown notice on the site which provides the Scrabulous feature to Facebook (though you can also LYAP – sorry, play – on the eponymous Scrabulous site alone).That would be a mortal blow to the timewasting potential of Facebook, on which Scrabulous is the ninth most popular application: it has 2.3 million users, with 500,000 playing every day (though fewer at weekends, of course). asked to pull Scrabulous
Facebook has been asked to remove the Scrabulous game from its website by the makers of Scrabble. The Facebook add-on has proved hugely popular on the social network site and regularly racks up more than 500,000 daily users. end of Scrabulous on Facebook?
The campaign starts here. Scrabble has asked Facebook to remove Scrabulous from the site because of trademark infringement. I’m quite surprised, because I thought Scrabble had gone all Web 2.0 and come up with the application in the first place. Apparently not.

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