Is China Preparing to Go its Own Way with its Own Internet Root?

From a recent Circle ID article by Gordon Cook:
Interesting things happening in China. An article in the English edition of the People’s Daily online is headlined: Decimal network security address begins operation:
China’s decimal network security address was officially launched. China has made a fundamental breakthrough in its Internet development; and actual use has been successful. The birth of decimal network technology makes China the only country able to unify domain names, IP addresses and MAC addresses into the text of a metric system; the second, after the United States (US), in the world to have root servers and IP address hardware connectivity servers and its own domain name, IP address and MAC address resources; and enables our country to become the world’s second country (after the US) to possess and control scarce network resources such as network distribution, domain names and addresses. It puts a crack in the US’s monopoly over the Internet, based on hexadecimal technology; and is a major, independent technical innovation of the Internet in China.Someone asked whether this was a rumored IPv9?I asked my arch econ list if anyone could help parse what was happening.To read the rest of Gordon’s article in Circle ID, go to original article, Decimal network security address begins operation, is available from the People’s Daily Online at