Irish court rules in favour of ISPs in piracy case

The High Court in Ireland has ruled that laws cutting off internet users who have illegally downloaded content cannot be enforced in the country.It is a victory for Irish internet service provider UPC which took the legal action against copyright owners, including EMI and Sony.But it will be a blow to the music and film industry, which wants the strict rules as a deterrent against piracy.It is likely to have a knock-on effect to similar policies in other countries. see:Music industry dismayed by failure in Irish filesharing case
The process of pursuing and penalising illegal filesharers in Ireland has been thrown into uncertainty after a failed attempt by four of the world’s largest record companies to legally enforce the “three strikes” rule.Warner Music, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG and EMI on Monday lost an Irish high court bid to establish a controversial legal precedent that would force internet service providers to temporarily cut off illegal filesharers’ internet connections. Influential music industry bodies say the judgment is “a setback for the Irish music business”.

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