Irish business chamber launches .mobi websites

Chambers Ireland logoMobile communications are striding ahead, and the demand for dotMobi domain names with subsequent websites seems to be on a strong upward curve. The recent dotMobi auction where and sold for US$616,000 and $401,500 respectively are strong indicators of this. Now Ireland’s largest business network Chambers Ireland has launched 23 websites using the .mobi Internet address created specifically for mobile phones according to a report in

At the launch of the domains, Chambers Ireland Deputy Chief Executive Conor Brennan, told, “The development of these sites allows chambers’ members to access their local website through their mobile phones. This will provide chamber members and the wider business community with key information in a simple, convenient manner.”

“In rolling out this project, chambers can bring local businesses up to speed with their international counterparts in terms of digital know-how by showcasing the importance of a highly visible online presence that can adapt to changes in modern technology,” Brennan continued.

“The launch of these mobile websites is a key step in the chamber network’s e-development programme,” Brennan said. “The effective interaction between business and ICT is a critical element in Ireland’s continued economic development. In a rapidly changing environment, companies must embrace the potential of the digital marketplace to win new customers, source cheaper suppliers and work more productively.”

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