Ireland to Appeal Tax Ruling in Apple Case

The Irish government agreed on Friday to appeal a record $14.5 billion European ruling against Apple’s tax practices in the country, as tensions mount over whether the technology giant paid a sufficient amount on its global operations.The move comes despite increasing division among Irish ministers over whether to appeal the ruling issued by Europe’s competition authorities. see:Apple appeal against EU tax demand would break new ground
Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he will appeal the European Commission’s ruling that his company received an unlawful €13 billion ($14.5 billion) subsidy when Ireland gave it preferential tax deals and that he was confident the decision would be reversed.But over a dozen lawyers, including three advising companies on appeals, told Reuters it was impossible to predict how EU courts would rule in an area that has not been tested before. to join Apple in fight against EU tax ruling
Ireland’s cabinet agreed on Friday to join Apple in appealing against a multi-billion-euro back tax demand that the European Commission has imposed on the iPhone maker, despite misgivings among independents who back the fragile coalition.The Commission’s ruling this week that the U.S. tech giant must pay up to 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) to Dublin has angered Washington, which accuses the EU of trying to grab tax revenue that should go to the U.S. government. and Starbucks ‘pay less tax than a sausage stand’, Austria says [Reuters]
Multinational companies including Amazon and Starbucks pay less tax in Austria than one of the country’s tiny sausage stands, the republic’s centre-left chancellor lamented in an interview published on Friday.

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