Iran elections: Google and Facebook launch Farsi services to aid protesters

Google has unveiled a Farsi translation service to help Iranians “communicate directly” to the world, while Facebook has launched a version of its site in Persian, they said on Friday.The internet has played a key role in allowing some Iranians to communicate since last week’s disputed presidential elections and many international media outlets have used services like Twitter and emails in their coverage.”We feel that launching Persian is particularly important now, given ongoing events in Iran,” Google’s principal scientist, Franz Och said, announcing the addition of Farsi to Google Translate, its free online service. see:Google and Facebook go Farsi to help spread message from Iran
Google and Facebook set up Farsi versions of their websites and services yesterday, saying that they were responding to the importance of the internet as a communications tool for Iranians during the turmoil in the country.The web has made it possible for many Iranians to communicate since last week’s disputed election, and the international media have used services such as Twitter and YouTube in their reporting of the protests.

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