iQ Global Launches Their Abuse Scan, A “Game-Changing Domain Name Threat Monitoring Service”

For businesses, monitoring for abusive behaviour, including malicious activities such as phishing, botnets and malware, is important in protecting their brand. One company to expand their offerings in this area recently was iQ Global who launched their iQ Abuse Scan to detect such abuse.

iQ Global has developed their Abuse Scan for organisations seeking a method of monitoring many domain names and internet resources at a reliable predictable cost. The Abuse Scan provides reports of malicious behaviour, which can be easily integrated into existing support provided by iQ Global and security systems.

iQ Global is a Norwegian-based cyber security and business intelligence company, operated by domain industry veterans. They already provide an online threat reporting, management and mitigation platform called iQ Abuse Manager. iQ Abuse Scan builds on their experience and monitors domain names, IP addresses, name servers and mail servers for reports of malicious activities, such as phishing, botnets and malware. The service instantly sends data-rich notifications to the user when any are identified. Reports are delivered via email, text message, API and other integration options.

“We are incredibly proud to launch iQ Abuse Scan. It’s a result of a lot of hard work from the team and great customer feedback,” said Michael B. Halvorsen, iQ Global’s CEO. “The recent investment by long-time customer The Swedish Internet Foundation will allow us to accelerate feature releases, global marketing efforts and of course, new product releases.”

“These are exciting times for us. We have amazing partners and customers, and our products are helping to make the internet that little bit safer every day. We want to help as many customers as possible deal with malicious threats. iQ Abuse Scan is another big step in this direction.”

iQ Abuse Scan is powered by a purpose-built threat intelligence platform that is currently being used to monitor over 200 million domain names daily and has been adopted by more than 175 top-level domains along with leading Registries, Registrars, hosting companies and SaaS Platforms.

Many, if not all, organisations already have processes and systems set up to deal with support, feedback, complaints, and security reports. The service was therefore designed to feed the reports it produces into them, instead of requiring users to log into yet another system on an ongoing basis.

The service is based on a simple “pay-as-you-use” subscription model, combined with a quick onboarding experience and powerful automation. It’s a low-maintenance tool for anyone wishing to bolster their current security efforts with additional threat reporting.

There are no long-term subscription commitments, users can get started for free and choose a plan later. Each plan includes a set number of reports. Any unused reports roll over to the following month.

iQ Global suggest iQ Abuse Scan is an excellent choice for hosting companies, organisations with low abuse rates, organisations who want to add monitoring to their internal efforts, web agencies and developers.

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