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IPv6 On Its Way To Dominating IP Traffic

World IPv6 Launch logoIPv6 became the dominant protocol for traffic from the United States’ four major mobile providers in July, and growth of IPv6 traffic continues apace.

At the end of 2015, 37.59 percent of their traffic was delivered over IPv6 for Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, Sprint Wireless and AT&T Wireless to major IPv6-capable content providers. The most recent figure for August is close to 55 percent.

Major USA Mobile Networks IPv6 Deployment graph

“This is really remarkable progress in the four years since World IPv6 Launch in 2012, and the growth of IPv6 deployment in 2016 is showing no signs of abating,” wrote Mat Ford on the World IPv6 Launch blog.

For the same four networks, Akamai reported on a blog post in June that “As of May 4th, requests to dual-stacked sites on Akamai from the top-4 US mobile networks used IPv6 around 60% of the time for Android and over 20% of the time for iPhones, with almost all of those IPv6-enabled US mobile iPhones being on dual-stacked Verizon Wireless.”

And growth is continuing apace around the world. In 2015, Mat Ford wrote in another post on the World IPv6 Launch blog, there were “new deployments from major operators all over the globe like Elion in Estonia, TELUS in Canada, GVT and Vivo in Brazil, KPN, University of Twente and Ziggo in the Netherlands, BSkyB in the UK, SKTelecom in South Korea, Comteco in Bolivia, and Mediacom, Centurylink and Premier Communications in the USA.”