IPv4 Addresses Near Exhaustion With Two to Three Years of Addresses Left

Predictions for the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in 2010 by IANA will not come true reports Enterprise Networking Planet, but it will happen in the next two to three years.The reports comes from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week where the American Registry for Internet Names (ARIN) was advocating that vendors start making the move to IPv6 now.”We’re at about 10.2 percent (IPv4 address space) remaining globally,” John Curran, president and CEO of ARIN told InternetNews.com. “At our current trend rate we’ve got about 625 days before we will not have new IPv4 addresses available. We’re still handling IPv4 requests from ISPs, hosting companies and large users for IPv4 address space, but that’s a very short time period.”To read this Enterprise Networking Planet report in full, see: