InternetNZ’s NetHui 2020 Going Virtual

In tune with meetings and conferences around the world, InternetNZ’s annual NetHui is going virtual, a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, even though New Zealand has been less affected than most other countries. Safety first.

NetHui is the annual congregation of New Zealand’s Internet community organised by InternetNZ and this year will be held on 13 and 14 October. Usually it requires getting to a venue, but this year, you just need to get to an internet-connected screen! With the meeting going virtual, it’s no longer required to get to New Zealand to attend, so it doesn’t matter where one is the world.

Just putting an offline event online isn’t overly exciting. So for this year’s virtual meeting, InternetNZ has “been thinking about what makes a NetHui special, and how we can transition it to this different format.”

There will be speakers and panels as usual, with the virtual meeting paired with breakout streams to delve deeper into the plenary topics. Instead of a few keynotes, InternetNZ is shifting focus to give space to more speakers doing shorter talks and panels (and keeping things lively for virtual attendees).

For more information, Andrew Cushen, InternetNZ’s Engagement Director, has published a post outlining what you can expect here. Or click here for more NetHui information or to register. Tickets cost NZ$30 or $40 if you include InternetNZ membership. Discounts for the unwaged and students.

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