InternetNZ congratulates DIA on spam raid

[news release] InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) congratulates the Department of Internal Affairs on raiding a group of suspected spammers today.Executive Director Keith Davidson says this morning’s Christchurch raid illustrates the importance of the recently-passed Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act, which prohibits sending unsolicited, commercial, electronic messages with a New Zealand link.”We applaud the actions of the DIA’s Anti-Spam Unit in investigating and raiding what appears to be a sophisticated New Zealand-based international spam operation.”This should send a clear message that New Zealand-based spammers can no longer act with impunity,” says Davidson.The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 came into effect in early September.As well as preventing local spam the Act is designed to prevent New Zealand from becoming an international spam haven and brings New Zealand in line with anti-spam law in other countries. see:
First raid under new NZ anti-spam law
A Christchurch man has become the first person in New Zealand to be raided under the new anti-spam act, more formally known as the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act, that came into force in September. journalist beat NZ authorities to alleged spammers – BBC
A British radio journalist and a Danish geek beat professional investigators in New Zealand to the home of an alleged “spammer” in Christchurch. Radio 4 journalist Simon Cox, in Britain, was investigating the source of spam promoting penis enlargement pills being sold for US$70, when he tracked down the New Zealander involved, the BBC reported. society applauds raid on spam
The Internet Society of New Zealand (InternetNZ) has applauded an anti-spam crackdown by the Department of Internal Affairs today. The department carried out anti-spam raids in Christchurch in an effort to stem the tide of illegal electronic mail flooding inboxes.

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