Internet TV slow to catch on in the UK despite BBC iPlayer

A survey of media habits suggests that reading books is still far more popular than streaming TV programmes over the internetConsumers still seem unwilling to embrace the idea of watching TV on the internet, despite the launch of the BBC iPlayer and services on several other networks, research suggests.Less than one Briton in five streamed or downloaded traditional TV programmes from the web using legal services offered by networks or internet services providers such as Tiscali, according to a survey of the nation’s digital entertainment habits.Virgin Media was the most popular offering, with 20 per cent of respondents saying that they used the service regularly or occasionally, followed by Channel 4’s on demand service, 4oD, which was used by 15 per cent and the BBC iPlayer, at 13 per cent.By comparison, Joost, the internet television provider set up by the co-founders of Skype, was used by only 4 per cent of people – despite the company having done deals with major media partners such as Sony, CNN, Viacom and Warner Music Group. The same number used BT Vision and Tiscali TV, which was formerly known as HomeChoice.

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