Internet TV Could Boom in the Next Few Years, Study Says

[IDG] Internet-enabled TV sets could see wider adoption in the next few years as viewers get comfortable with the idea of running widgets on TV screens, according to a study released by Ernst & Young on Thursday.Widgets — or mini-applications — are already being used in devices like mobile phones and computers to run light applications, and those applications could reach TV sets, the analyst firm said in the study. TV widgets are designed to pull selective content from the Internet to complement TV watching. For example, users can view weather information on TV or buy products advertised on TV from online stores.To read this IDG report in full, see: see:Web TV could come with a price tag after Comcast-NBC deal
Free TV shows on the Internet could be harder to find if Comcast Corp succeeds in acquiring a majority stake in NBC Universal.Comcast would become a partner in Hulu the video website which allows viewers to watch TV shows on the Web for free, a business potentially worth billions of dollars if consumers had to pay to watch the shows.

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