Internet surveillance will save lives, says UK Home Secretary

Lives will be saved by new internet powers allowing security services and police to snoop on emails, web visits and social networking sites, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.Under the proposals, internet providers and other information service providers will be required to retain records of all communications, to which police and security services will have access, for 12 months. see:Theresa May says internet bill critics ‘putting politics before lives’
Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that those opposing plans to let police monitor all internet use are “putting politics before people’s lives”.The draft Communications Data Bill would mean internet providers having to retain records of all their customers’ online activity for 12 months.Mrs May told The Sun the powers would help police tackle serious organised crime, paedophiles, and terrorists.Critics call it a “snoopers’ charter” bill which infringes civil liberties.‘Snoopers charter’: Theresa May hits back at Lib Dem scepticism over bill
The home secretary has launched a barely veiled attack on Nick Clegg over the Liberal Democrats’ sceptical approach to plans to give the police and security services powers to track all mobile phone and internet use.In an article in the Sun, criticised by a Lib Dem MP as “bizarre”, Theresa May said “we could see people dying” if her draft communications data bill was blocked by parliament.

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