Internet Stakeholders from Around the World Will Meet in Barcelona for ICANN’s 63rd Public Meeting

ICANN will hold its 63rd Public Meeting (ICANN63) in the Barcelona International Convention Centre from 20 to 25 October. ICANN63 is hosted by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business, through the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement, and, a public corporate entity responsible for managing the Internet Domain Name Registry for the country code “.es”, and for developing programs to stimulate the digital economy.

Speakers at the Opening Ceremony on 22 October include: Spanish Minister of Economy and Business Nadia Calviño; Secretary of State for Digital Advancement Francisco Polo; ICANN Board Chair Cherine Chalaby; and ICANN President and CEO Göran Marby.

We encourage members of the press to join in-person or remotely via a live web stream. Additionally, you can get in touch with ICANN‘s Communications team for interviews and/or briefing on ICANN63 highlights. More information on remote participation and media contacts are provided below.

The meeting will bring together stakeholders from all over the world. Governments, businesses, the civil society, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, technical communities, and others are active participants in the event. The sessions will enable discussions and the development of policies on a broad range of Internet-related topics, particularly the Domain Name System and IP addressing, and inform the audience on latest issues of concern to stakeholders.

Among the highlights of ICANN63, a High Level Governmental Meeting (HLGM) will take place on 22 October. Ministers, government’s representatives, and delegations from around the world will attend the meeting. The day-long HLGM will include interactive sessions for ministers and high-level officials to discuss the Internet ecosystem and governance, ICANN‘s work, wider digital issues of global interest, and the role of governments in these areas. For those interested in joining the HLGM sessions, more information on how to connect to the live webcast is provided below.

Additionally, there will be sessions related to the evolution of ICANN policies such as WHOIS, in light of new data protection rules emerging around the world such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These sessions provide an opportunity for members of the press to learn more about the work that is being done to adapt existing ICANN contractual requirements and community-developed policies in relation to data protection laws, including a potential model to enable access to non-public user registration data for legitimate purposes.

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