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Internet Society Board Takes Steps to Strengthen Existing Internet Governance Institutions

[news release] The Internet Society Board of Trustees, during its meeting in Buenos Aires, agreed to increase support for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as an indispensable part of the Internet ecosystem, including making a sizeable financial contribution. They also warned against rash reactions to issues such as pervasive surveillance, which has sparked widespread concern and discussion.”Voluntary collaboration guided by a shared set of principles among institutions has been key to the Internet’s amazing success and robustness. Institutions in the Internet ecosystem will continue to evolve in response to new challenges,” stated Robert Hinden, Chair of the Internet Society Board of Trustees.In addition to increasing its own support for the IGF, the Internet Society Board supported the establishment of a legal structure to facilitate financial support by others. The Board further called for strengthening of the distributed and decentralized approach to addressing challenges, and avoiding approaches that would impose borders on the Internet and lead to fragmentation.The Board of Trustees applauded action taken at the recent Internet Engineering Task Force meeting to work on enhancing the security of Internet technology in light of the disclosures about pervasive monitoring on the Internet.President and CEO of the Internet Society Lynn St. Amour commented, “This is a crucial period in the Internet’s development and the Internet Society is committed to working to strengthen the multistakeholder institutions that have been key to sustaining the open and global Internet.”About the Internet Society
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