Internet Society Announces New Board Members for Public Interest Registry

Internet Society - ISOC - logoThe Internet Society (ISOC) announced the appointment of Mr. Maarten Botterman and Mr. Kuo-Wei Wu to the Board of Directors of the Public Interest Registry (PIR).

Maarten Botterman is a policy consultant on information society impact matters, working with government and business to address the economic, social, and environmental challenges to sustainability for society and organizations. He is currently Director of GNKS Consult. Previously he was CEO of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC), Director of Information Society Policy Research at RAND Europe and a scientific officer within the European Commission, DG Information Society (ECDGIS).

Mr. Botterman holds a master’s degree in business economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 1987, Maarten has been working on issues relating to information security, the implementation of ICT operations, and governance in the Information Society.

“Maarten Botterman brings a strong policy background in communications technologies to the Public Interest Registry in its effort to set an exemplary standard for best practices in registry operations, support, and services,” said Lynn St. Amour, president and CEO of the Internet Society.

Mr. Wu is CEO of the National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Association (NIIEPA) in Taiwan. His current professional focus is on the security of information management systems and Internet policies and strategies.

Mr. Wu is also a member of the Executive Council of the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), which is responsible for IP address management and policy development in the 56 countries of the Asia Pacific region. He is an executive member of the Taiwan Internet Service Provider Association (TWIA), a nonprofit organization of Internet service providers in Taiwan, and a member of the board of directors of the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC), which provides .TW domain name and IP address services in Taiwan.

“The appointment of Kuo-Wei Wu further strengthens Public Interest Registry’s international reach and focus, as it continues to support the global, noncommercial Internet community,” said Lynn St. Amour.

In addition, the PIR board of directors elected Ms. Barbara Fraser, a director of Corporate Consulting Engineering at Cisco, focusing on Systems and Internet Security, as board Chair; Erik Huizer, chief strategy officer responsible for strategy, innovation, and business development with NOB Cross Media Facilities, a Technicolor company, as Vice-Chair; and Glenn Ricart managing director of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Center for Advanced Research in San José, California, as Secretary.

The 2008 PIR Board consists of the following members:

  • Barbara Fraser (USA) – Chair
  • Erik Huizer (Europe) – Vice Chair
  • Glenn Ricart (USA) – Secretary
  • Maarten Botterman (Europe)
  • Kuo-Wei Wu (Asia)
  • Lynn St. Amour – Ex-officio ISOC liaison

About PIR

The Public Interest Registry ( is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation created by the Internet Society (ISOC) to manage the .ORG domain. Trusted across all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, .ORG is where people turn to find credible information, get involved, fund causes, and support advocacy. As a premier domain, .ORG provides an unrivaled channel to share ideas, to enhance lives, and to advance your mission. PIR empowers the global noncommercial community to use the Internet more effectively and, concurrently, takes a leadership position among Internet stakeholders on policy and related issues. The Public Interest Registry, is based in Reston, Virginia, USA.

About the Internet Society

The Internet Society is an independent international nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy. With offices in Washington, DC, and Geneva, Switzerland, and with more than 80 chapters worldwide, it is dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of people throughout the world.

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