Internet Shuns U.S. Based ISP Amid Fraud, Abuse Allegations

A California based commercial Internet service provider whose clients included a laundry list of spammers and scammers is now offline, after the last of the company’s upstream Internet providers decided to the pull the plug.Atrivo, a.k.a “Intercage,” of Northern California, ceased to be reachable from any points on the Internet early Sunday morning when the ISP’s sole remaining provider – Pacific Internet Exchange (PIE) – stopped routing traffic for the troubled company. of tolerating scammers, an ISP goes dark [IDG]
Internet service provider Intercage has been knocked offline after being linked with malicious Web sites.The lifeline linking notorious service provider Intercage to the rest of the Internet has been severed.Intercage, which has also done business under the name Atrivo, was knocked offline late Saturday night when the last upstream provider connecting it to the Internet’s backbone, Pacific Internet Exchange, terminated Intercage’s service.;6060673;6060673

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