Internet security: Fear in the fast lane

One of Australia’s leading figures in online law enforcement says the internet offers so many opportunities for crime that he expects “at some stage there will be real debate on the benefit of the internet”.This has led Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of the Queensland Police Service to suggest that some people might ask: Should we turn it off?As far as major infrastructure projects go, it does not get much bigger than the National Broadband Network announced by Kevin Rudd earlier this year to “pull Australia out of the broadband dark ages”.But the plan has frayed the nerves of the already overstretched agencies and companies charged with keeping the internet safe. see:Fear in the Fast Lane: Broadcast: 17/08/2009 – ABC TV’s Four Corners, available online shortly afterwards
Australia may be one of the most internet-connected countries on earth, with a super-fast broadband network on the way. But now the experts are warning there’s danger with cyber crooks roaming the super highway.In a story that will make you review the use of your home computer, reporter Andrew Fowler tells how foreign online crooks took down a multi-million dollar Australian business. He explains how you can have your identity stolen, your phone disconnected and your bank accounts emptied in just hours. Perhaps most alarmingly, Four Corners reveals first-hand how wireless connections are an invitation to thieves.

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