Internet scammers target Haiti aid donations

United Nations agency UNICEF says internet scammers are using its name for fake donation requests, claiming the money will go to the Haiti earthquake relief.UNICEF’s Australian office says the dodgy operators are taking advantage of the nation’s generosity.It has been more than a month since the massive earthquake hit Haiti and aid organisations are still appealing for donations. see:Cybercriminals exploit Haiti tragedy with malicious attacks [MIS Asia]
There was no let up in spamming and phishing activities last month even as the entire world watched with sympathy the tragedy in Haiti. To add to the sorrow behind the devastating earthquake on 12 January, cyber criminals took advantage of the tragedy to launch spamming and phishing attacks.”Both scam and phishing categories doubled in terms of the percentage of all spam in January 2010 compared to December 2009,” reported Symantec in its State of the Spam and Phishing Report of February 2010.

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