Internet-savvy Britons lead digital league

Britons emerge as a nation of gadget-savvy internet junkies – spending more time than the rest of Europe browsing the internet, social networking and playing video games – in new research by the communications regulator.The UK also leads a comparison of 12 industrialised nations in digital television take-up and use of digital video recorders.Its appetite for technology was driven by relatively low prices for TV and internet services, the report by Ofcom, the communications regulator, found.’s digital addiction: 727 hours surfing, 27 phoning and 972 texts
In the heyday of rock music, no stadium gig was complete without a slow number that prompted the crowd to hold aloft their cigarette lighters to create hundreds of flickering points of light. Now the same effect is created by hundreds of people holding up their mobile phones as the audience takes photo after photo to prove they were there.This is most likely to occur in the UK as the British use their mobile phone as a camera more than anyone else. They are also among the world’s fastest adopters of social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo, posting the subsequent photos or at least updating their status to relate how great the gig was, as a way of keeping in touch with an ever-expanding and ephemeral collection of “friends”.

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