Internet report shows digital divide in Canada

Almost 75 per cent of Canadians aged 16 or older surfed the Net last year, but factors such as age, income, education and place of residence contribute to a “digital divide” in the country, a new Statistics Canada report says.Seventy-three per cent, or 19.2 million Canadians aged 16 and older, went online for personal reasons in 2007, the Canadian Internet Use Survey says. That’s a 5 percentage point increase from 2005, when the last survey was conducted. Canadians hooking up to faster internet
More Canadians are connecting to the internet through faster broadband connections, leading to an increase in activities such as downloading music or movies, according to a new study from Statistics Canada.Almost nine in 10 (88 per cent) Canadians aged 16 and older who accessed the internet from home in 2007 did it on a high-speed broadband connection instead of a dial-up connection, up from 80 per cent in 2005, the last year the study was conducted. teens driving up use of the Internet [Canadian Press]
Almost all 16-and 17-year-olds in Canada have used the Internet either for doing school work, sending text messages, playing video games or listening to music, according to a study released Thursday.Statistics Canada said it included this age group for the first time in its Internet use survey and these teens accounted for part of the overall increase in online use in 2007.

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