Internet pushes NZ’s boundaries in 2007

The internet can be used for a lot of things, from harmless messages to friends and sharing of photos to the more harmful – hurting others, and even ourselves.One British teen found the latter out this year when he posted a video of himself driving at excessive speeds.The 19-year-old taped himself as he drove at 225 kilometres per hour down a Scottish highway, then posted the video on the YouTube website.He was charged by police as a result.New Zealanders also pushed the limits in internet use – one teenager was allegedly involved in a multi-million dollar cyber-crime ring.The 18-year-old man, known online as “AKILL” allegedly played a leading role in cyber-crime that resulted in an estimated $NZ26 million-plus of economic loss.Police are still investigating.But it was really social networking sites, which a lot of New Zealanders used the internet for this year.Facebook, Bebo and MySpace almost became better than leaving the house.

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