Internet preparing to go into outer space: Vint Cerf

[AFP] After expanding across Earth, the Internet is now set to spread into outer space to reach parts no network has gone before, one of its co-creators predicted Wednesday.Vinton Cerf said the proposed “interplanetary” Internet would allow people an ability “to access information and to control experiments taking place far away” from Earth. see:The future of the Internet by Vint Cerf
As intellectual phenomena go, the Internet is still very young. If we look at other innovative technologies that fundamentally transformed human communications-the printing press, the telephone and television, to name a few-we are confronted with the fact that it takes generations for their full effects to be understood. Internet Will Expand Into Outer Space
Astronauts would never again be without Google. But that’s just one of the benefits that could come from expanding the Internet into space, which is where Vint Cerf says it’s going to go.

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