Internet ‘net neutrality’ is endorsed by FCC chief

New rules proposed by the nation’s chief communications regulator to ensure unfettered access to the Internet would level the online playing field as more people surf the Web on mobile devices, but the plan has wireless carriers in an uproar.Monday’s proposal by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski would ensure that consumers would be able to get whatever content they want on the Internet and to use any service they want.,0,860229.storyAlso see:US proposes new ‘net neutral’ rules
The US internet regulator has proposed new rules aimed at ensuring that network operators treat the flow of Internet content without discrimination.Internet providers will be barred from slowing down or blocking streamed video, music or other content that uses up a lot of bandwidth, under plans outlined today by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Calls F.C.C. Neutrality Plan a ‘Bait and Switch’
You’ve got to hand it to AT&T. They don’t like Julius Genachowski’s plan to apply network neutrality rules to wireless networks, and they aren’t shy about saying so.Not so for Verizon and Sprint, which declined to answer a direct question about whether they think wireless systems should be covered by net neutrality rules. Freedom to Innovate Without Permission by Wendy Seltzer
In a speech this morning, widely heralded (and criticized) as a call for “network neutrality,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski: “Why has the Internet proved to be such a powerful engine for creativity, innovation, and economic growth? A big part of the answer traces back to one key decision by the Internet’s original architects: to make the Internet an open system.” Now “open system” doesn’t mean anarchy. The Internet has rules, technical standards codified in the unassuming sounding “Requests for Comment.”‘Open internet’ rules criticised
US proposals to ensure that all traffic on the internet is treated equally have drawn strong criticism from providers.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants rules to prevent providers blocking or slowing down bandwidth-heavy usage such as streaming video.Providers claim a two-tiered system is essential for the future vitality of the net. proposes net neutrality rules
The US has proposed new rules that would require internet firms to respect the principle of “network neutrality”.The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said that “all web traffic should be treated equally”. Net neutrality proposal is ‘dramatic shift’ in policy [IDG]
U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski’s decision to seek to formalize Net neutrality rules would either bring “unconstitutional” new regulations to the Internet or a welcome “paradigm shift” in U.S. communications policy, depending on whom you ask.Genachowski announced Monday that he will ask his fellow commissioners to support a rulemaking proceeding to create formal Net neutrality rules that would prohibit Internet providers from selectively blocking or slowing Web content and applications. Genachowski also pushed to apply the Net neutrality regulations to mobile broadband providers, and he called for an expansion in existing broadband policy principles to prohibit broadband providers from discriminating against Web content and services while allowing them to engage in reasonable Network management. rules for internet access gain thumbs up from Vint Cerf
Internet pioneer, Vint Cerf, has praised a proposal by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that outlines possible rules for the protection of consumer access to the internet.In a post on Google’s Public Policy blog, Cerf said the rules will play a part in preserving ‘network neutrality’; ensuring users can have access to all Web sites without fear of censorship or discriminatory levels of access. Genachowski Outlines Actions to Preserve the Free and Open Internet [news release]
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski outlined the concrete actions he believes the Commission must take to preserve the free and open Internet at a speech today at The Brookings Institution.”The Internet is an extraordinary platform for innovation, job creation, investment, and opportunity. It has unleashed the potential of entrepreneurs and enabled the launch and growth of small businesses across America,” said Chairman Genachowski. “It is vital that we safeguard the free and open Internet.”The Commission previously embraced four open Internet principles affirming that consumers must be able to access the lawful Internet content, applications, and services of their choice, and attach non-harmful devices to the network. These four principles guide the FCC’s existing case-by-case enforcement of communications law.In today’s speech, Chairman Genachowski proposed the addition of two new principles. The first would prevent Internet access providers from discriminating against particular Internet content or applications, while allowing for reasonable network management. The second principle would ensure that Internet access providers are transparent about the network management practices they implement. The Chairman also proposed clarifying that all six principles apply to all platforms that access the Internet.Chairman Genachowski will seek to begin the process of codifying the Commission’s existing four open Internet principles, along with the two additional principles, through a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) at the October meeting. The NPRM will ask for input and feedback on the proposed rules and their application, such as how to determine whether network management practices are reasonable, what information broadband providers should disclose about their network management practices and how the rules apply to differing platforms, including mobile Internet access services.”I look forward to working with my Commission colleagues on this important initiative,” Chairman Genachowski said. “Commissioners Copps, McDowell, Clyburn, and Baker each bring a unique and important perspective to the complex issues at stake and I look forward to getting their input and insight when we kick-off the rulemaking process next month.”As part of Chairman Genachowski’s commitment to openness and transparency, the FCC launched a new website, to encourage public participation. Remarks of Chairman Julius Genachowski Federal Communications Commission “Preserving a Free and Open Internet: A Platform for Innovation, Opportunity, and Prosperity”

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