Internet Law in a Nutshell by Michael L. Rustad [Suffolk University Law School Research Paper]

Abstract: This clear, handily organized primer is ideally suited for law students or lawyers who need a brief exposition of the core cases and statutes shaping Internet law, technologies, and policies. The book begins with a clear review of the history, technology, and competing theories of the Internet that enables a deeper understanding of case law and statutory developments discussed in the substantive chapters.The book covers a broad array of Internet law topics including the history of the Internet to the rapidly evolving Web 3.0, competing theories of Internet governance, cyber jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments, choice and conflicts of law, cybertorts, online contracting and licensing, the protection of online intellectual property assets, the protection of online privacy, criminal liability for Internet activity, and European Community Directives such as the E-Commerce Directive, Brussels Regulation, and Rome I Regulation.This nutshell is the first student outline, study guide, or brief exposition of the law of the Internet. The emphasis on topics such as licensing and e-commerce transactions makes it an indispensable legal resource for anyone who works online, including high-tech and e-commerce companies, old economy businesses with websites, Internet developers, software programmers, graphic artists and individuals with websites.The Preface, Outline, and Chapter One are available to download here.

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