Internet Governance Consultations in Geneva by Milton Mueller

Milton Mueller reluctantly attended one of ICANN’s consultation sessions on “Improving Institutional confidence” in Geneva last week, writing on the Internet Governance blog, but left somewhat impressed.Despite criticisms of ICANN, Mueller found “the initial presentations were low-key and short and most of the session was devoted to listening. The discussions were open and productive.” But Mueller noted in the meeting “the concept of what ‘the transition’ is and what ‘completing’ it means still suffers from a lack of clarity.” During the meeting, Mueller “asked whether the ‘transition’ meant nothing more than an end to the Joint Project Agreement, or something more. Both of the Presidential Strategy Committee members were unable to answer that question.” He also found some of the most interesting discussions revolved around the future role of governments.To read all of Mueller’s post on the Internet Governance blog, see

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