Internet Explorer 6: the browser that won’t die

Internet Explorer 6 is the most popular web browser, according to Net Applications’ Market Share website, and it’s also the most hated. Its use has been raised in parliamentary questions, and even Microsoft would dearly love to be rid of it. The browser is “insecure”, lacking in features, and just too old to observe almost a decade of new web standards. Yet despite internet campaigns against it, such as IE6 No More, the browser launched with Windows XP in 2001 seems likely to continue for a few years yet.The current supremacy of IE6 is, of course, a temporary aberration. Both IE7 and Mozilla’s Firefox 3.0, previously its main rivals, are in decline as users switch to IE8 and Firefox 3.5. However, it’s a sobering thought that even adding the market shares of Firefox 3.0 (9.62%) and Firefox 3.5 (12.65%) together, the open-source browser still falls short of the antique IE6 (24.42%) on NetApps figures for September 2009.

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