Internet Core Neutrality: Drawing a Line in the Sand at ICANN by Dan Krimm

Dan Krimm writes on ICANN mission-creep saying “ICANN has expanded its reach well beyond that narrow technical realm and into the world of general public policy. Current policy deliberations at ICANN are increasingly touching upon broad issues like personal privacy, crime-fighting, trademark enforcement, and morality and public order in general.”Noting ICANN’s budget has “ballooned exponentially”, he then goes on to discuss ICANN’s debate on policy, namely, a new policy to approve many more new gTLDs. While Dan approves of more gTLDs, he has concerns about parts of the proposed policy “such as a trademark holder could contest a gTLD application if it is not in the trademark holder’s commercial interests. Governments or other institutions could contest a gTLD application if they feel that the new gTLD is “immoral” or threatens “public order” or is politically unacceptable for some reason. In fact, if some group of institutions claim a community connection to the gTLD under application, they could oppose the application without being required to give any specific reason at all.” Dan describes this as censorship.Dan wants people to join the Keep The Core Neutral campaign and to sign their petition in the hope they will be able to influence ICANN.

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