Internet censorship can be potentially very abusive: Vint Cerf

Vinton Gray Cerf , 69, is one of the creators of the Internet. In 1974, Cerf and fellow American scientist Bob Kahn wrote the protocol for computer networks to communicate with one another, making the Internet possible. Almost 40 years later, Cerf sees the World Wide Web as a curious youngster still — childlike in terms of its ability to absorb new ideas and inquisitive enough to discover new things. In an interview on Tuesday during a visit to New Delhi, Cerf, who holds the title of chief Internet evangelist at Google Inc., described proposals to levy an Internet tax as “bizarre” and said rising interference by governments in managing the Internet worries him the most. He also spoke about the future of the Internet.Edited excerpts:It’s not as old yet in years as it might seem and there are a couple of reasons for that. When you’re a child, a lot of rapid development happens; you are acquiring languages, learning and getting physically bigger. So the Internet has been growing a lot, especially in the past three years, but it’s not out of childhood, at least in the following sense. It remains a highly evolvable infrastructure and it keeps absorbing new technologies, keeps supporting new applications partly because of the physical equipment available in the mobile space, tablets and so on.

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