Internet access cost drops in some African nations

The cost of Internet connectivity in several Africa countries is declining significantly and the speed keeps improving due to competition by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), according to an Internet research organization.Since 2000 the cost of Internet services in several African countries have greatly reduced and more reductions are expected as more international ISPs spread their business in the region, according to John Mzumala, CEO of the Internet Development Service.To read this Computerworld Zambia report in full, see: see:Rival fiber-optic cables set for market battle in Africa
The battle for the control of East Africa broadband market has now been drawn following the announcement that the East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) project has landed its cables in Mombasa and has been launched by Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki.The 5,000 kilometer fiber-optic cable, which has been laid from Fajairah, United Arab Emirates, is expected to be operational by the end of this month almost at the same time as the rival Sea Cable System (SEACOM) cable project, which will cost more than US$600 million.

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