International Domain Name Law – new book released

A new book by David Lindsay, an academic at Monash University’s Law School and a widely published expert on internet law, intellectual property law and privacy, has recently been published. The book is called International Domain Name Law.The book is described thus:
The Domain Name System (DNS), which matches computer addresses to human-friendly domain names, has given rise to many legal issues. Two important issues are the institutional arrangements for governing the DNS and the use of trade marks as domain names. This book is the first complete statement of this rapidly-evolving area of the law. In particular, the book includes a comprehensive statement of decisions under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), the international system for resolving disputes between trade mark owners and domain name registrants. In this path-breaking work the author examines the extent to which principles of national trade mark law have been used in UDRP decisions. It will be essential reading for anyone, whether academic or practitioner, interested in internet law, intellectual property, and e-commerce law.The book chapters are:

  1. The Domain Name System
  2. DNS Governance and ICANN
  3. Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  4. UDRP Procedures
  5. Identical or Confusingly Similar Domain Names
  6. Rights or Interests in the Disputed Domain Name
  7. Bad faith registration and use.

A review of the book will be posted in coming weeks.The book was published in December 2007, costs £95/€145, is 512 pages long and is available for purchase through the publisher, Hart Publishing, at is a book launch in Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday February 20. More information on the launch and seminar is available from