Intel presents its mobile future at CeBIT

Katrin Ohlmer of Berlin’s Ohlmer Marketing & Kommunikation has one last dispatch from CeBIT, this time outlining a presentation from Intel, and again, mobility is the key here.Intel said the penetration rate of laptops even in established markets is still lower than 50 per cent. The main reason for this is the short battery life according to a study by Intel and Loudhouse in December 2007.To overcome this, Intel is working on chips that include:

  • improved performance to extend the battery life
  • improved connectivity for Wi-Fi (up to 450 mbps) plus optional support for Wimax.

The 1st generation mobile internet devices (MIDs) coming soon that will include Intel’s new Menlow platform that will include a low power CPU and chipset for MIDs in the first half of 2008. About 25 different designs are expected to be launched by then which will range from portable navigation devices, internet tablets, portable video and handheld games. This new processor technology will be available on devices from suppliers such as Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba.Inclusion on smart phones is expected in 2009/2010 (codenamed ‘Moorestown’). Together with players like Adobe, Skype, Qiro and many more, Intel aims at developing a whole mobile ecosystem.

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