Instra prepared for .CM Cameroon Domain Sunrise launch

Instra CorporationAustralia, 15 October, 2008 – Sarl (NETCOM), the .CM Cameroon Domain Registry officially announced .CM Sunrise Period kicks off at 10:00am, 15 Oct 2008 (UTC). As the very first registrar and the exclusive Validation Agent for .CM Sunrise Applications, Instra Corporation (Instra) again demonstrated to the world its strength in leading country code top level domain (ccTLD) names industry.
Mr. Moustapha Saya Kaigama, president of NETCOM personally sent Instra his gratefulness for the significant contributions NETCOM has received from Instra in the past year. Mr. Kaigama commented, “Without the tireless work put in by our partners, this launch would not be possible. We are pleased to have Instra as our Sunrise Validation Agent and registrar. NETCOM is devoted to providing excellence in its Registry services, and we expect Instra to provide an excellent Cameroon domain experience as well.”
.CM Sunrise Period will take place between 15 October and 31 October 2008 offering the first-mover advantage to trademark holders throughout the world. 2nd level registrations such as .COM.CM, .NET.CM and .CO.CM will be available during the Sunrise Period. General registrations on a first-come-first-served basis will begin on 15 November 2008.
“We expect a huge demand from trademark and brand owners given the similarity to the .CM, the Number 1 Global Top Level Domain and .CN, the Number 1 Country Code Top Level Domain. Although with registrations taking place at the 2nd level, the confusion would be slightly minimized.” said Tony Lentino, CEO of Instra. Instra endeavors to inform its corporate clients especially trademark and brand owners about the importance of .CM.
Chloe Li, spokesperson for Instra, is pleased to announce, “Instra is working with NETCOM to aggressively market .CM on a global scale. As the registrar, we have been accepting .CM pre-registrations for both Sunrise and General Registration to enable all of our customers the first-time entry into .CM extension. Our robust system is on standby to ensure a success of the submission of all Sunrise Applications. As the Validation Agent, Instra has formed a dedicated team to exclusively work with NETCOM to enforce the transparency and fairness throughout the whole validation process.”
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