Instagram hits 400 million users

Instagram now has more than 400 million users, the company announced Tuesday, making it far larger than rival Twitter Inc with 100 million more users.The photo-sharing app has grown rapidly over the past three years, faster than many of its social app competitors, including Twitter and Snapchat. The Facebook unit has rolled out a number of products and features this year aimed at getting users to spend more time in the app. see:Instagram passes 400m users as young shun tweets for photo op
Instagram, with its Kardashian selfies, retro filters and endless stream of images of meals, has reached 400 million active users, the company has announced. Facebook’s photo and video-sharing app has added 100 million users in the last nine months, with three-quarters now based outside the US.”While milestones like this are important, what really excites us is the way that visual communication makes the world feel a little bit smaller to every one of us,” the company said in a blog post, revealing that its fastest-growing countries include Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.

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