Inside Alphabet: why Google rebranded itself and what happens next

Every month a hundred billion searches run through Google – a repository of the world’s curiosity, hopes, dreams and fears. Google has been a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary since 2006, it is valued at $445bn and last year had revenues of $66bn. But as its billionaire founders have made clear, none of this is enough.In a stunning move on Monday night, Google rebranded itself Alphabet. The new company will be a holding company whose largest asset will be Google the search firm. But founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin made clear that while G is for Google, it would be just one of the letters in its portfolio. see:Google to Reorganize in Move to Keep Its Lead as an Innovator
Google was founded as a company that did Internet search. Over time, it has broadened into areas as varied as drones, pharmaceuticals and venture capital, none of which make much money, and some of which have spooked investors.

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