Initiative aims to supply millions of mobiles to women

A woman living in sub-Saharan Africa is 23% less likely than a man to own a mobile phone, according to research.This figure rises to 24% in the Middle East and increases again to 37% for a woman living in South Asia, found the study by the GSM Association.In total, it found, 300 million fewer women than men in developing countries owned a mobile.To read this BBC World report in full, see: see:State Department supports boosting women’s cell phone access in developing nations
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched a program on Thursday that aims to convince more women in developing nations to use mobile phones, a practice that directly affects economic success and increases social interactions.Worldwide, women are 21 percent less likely than men to own a mobile phone, according to a report released by Global System for Mobile Communications Association, a London-based group that represents worldwide mobile communications companies, and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, which promotes entrepreneurship among women in developing countries.

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