INHOPE publish landmark Global Internet Trend Report – 9,600 reports of child pornography processed per month

INHOPE network reports global increase in child pornography on the Internet. A staggering 9,600 confirmed reports of child pornography processed per month.[news release] INHOPE’s statistical analysis of the reports received by the INHOPE network over a 28 month period has resulted in the first detailed analysis of illegal activity on the Internet. The INHOPE hotline network has processed, and continues to process, a huge volume of reports about illegal, harmful and not-illegal content on the Internet and has, as a result, created a dynamic (time-sensitive) chart of the downside sectors of the Internet. This report is the first step towards a global action plan to eradicate illegal activity from the Internet. It is a landmark publication for policy makers, governments and Industry.Cormac Callanan, co author, stated that “the INHOPE trend report represents a major milestone in the work of INHOPE and the history of the Internet”Nikos Frydas, co author of the report explained that “INHOPE hotlines collect reports about illegal and harmful content in over 25 countries around the world. INHOPE is now in the unique position to accurately describe the illegal and harmful sectors of the Internet.”Statistics for the period September 2004 – December 2006 show:

  • INHOPE network received 900,000 reports from the general public
  • In total INHOPE processed 1.9 million reports
  • 160,000 reports forwarded to law enforcement agencies for action – an average of 5,800 per month

21% of all processed reports were about illegal or harmful content (20,000 per month)

  • 50% of these contained child pornography
  • 19% of these contained other child-related content
  • 28% of these contained adult pornography
  • Child Pornography grew by 15% per year
  • Adult Pornography grew by 24% per year
  • Racism and Xenophobia grew by 33% per year

When illegal content such as child pornography is reported to a hotline it is not unusual for it to transcend traditional national boundaries. is the only centralised portal where the public can report illegal and harmful use of the Internet. There are now 28 member hotlines in 25 countries worldwide.Read the 2007 INHOPE Global Internet Trend Report here (750kb, pdf)For the news release on the INHOPE website, see see the following media coverage:

INHOPE reports big jump in porn, racist Web sites [AFP]

Substantial increases in racist and pornographic Web sites were reported on Wednesday by INHOPE in its first detailed analysis of illegal activity on the Internet. INHOPE said monthly trends of processed reports over a 28-month period to December 2006 showed racism and xenophobia grew by 33 percent, adult pornography by 24 percent and child pornography by 15 percent.

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