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Individuals Increasingly Registering Domains In Bid To Control Personal Identity

Individual domain name registrants are increasingly registering domain names and then using these as a means to point to the various social media platforms they use such as Facebook and LinkedIn.According to research conducted by GoDaddy released this week, in the last 18 months customers pointing a domain name to social media sites has increased 37 percent.”It became abundantly clear that people want to have more control of their online identity,” said GoDaddy Senior Vice President and General Manager Mike McLaughlin. “Their social media presence reflects who they are, but they want an address that represents them as well. Also, customers want the flexibility to move to a different platform or create their own website without giving everyone a new web address.”Rabbi Dan Medwin, Publishing Technology Manager for the Central Conference of American Rabbis, points his domain,, to his Facebook page. He has a similar philosophy of other customers that have forwarded their name to Facebook.”The Web is now the de facto place where folks go to learn about a person or company,” Medwin said. “I registered so, if someday I wanted a personal website, whether a blog or a resume, I’d have it available. It is essentially my personally curated ‘brand’ of myself for the world.”Recently VeriSign also said they had seen an increase of more than ten percent for domains pointing to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn in the second quarter against the first quarter.In Verisign’s research, published in their latest Domain Name Industry Brief for the second quarter, their figures show the growth of .com and .net domains redirecting to popular social media and e-commerce sites when comparing the end of the second and first quarters of 2015 was 13 percent for Facebook, 16 percent for LinkedIn, seven percent for Tumblr and 11 percent for Etsy.