India to Have 237 Million Web Surfers in 2015

The number of Internet users in India is expected to triple in the next five years, according to a report from the Boston Consulting Group Wednesday but making money from them isn’t going to be easy.Although PC penetration in India is low, at less than 5% of the population, and so is Internet use, with the country’s approximately 80 million Internet users averaging just about half an hour online a day, the report points to China’s growth and its 384 million surfers as a sign of how quickly this could change.”The unexpectedly rapid pace of China’s online migration is a sharp reminder of how quickly the other BRICI markets are likely to evolve in terms of Internet penetration rates, the number of hours spent online per day and e-commerce adoption,” said the report, which focused on the top emerging markets, Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia.A lot of the growth in India will come from users who first surf the Internet from their mobile phones, said Arvind Subramanian, managing director BCG Mumbai and one of the authors of the report, even though right now only 1% of mobile phone users are using the Internet.To read this report in The Wall Street Journal in full, see:

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