India minister Sibal says no censorship of social media

India will not censor social media websites, Information Technology Minister Kapil Sibal has said.But he added that internet firms must obey the country’s laws.Late last year, Mr Sibal said the government would introduce guidelines to ensure “blasphemous material” did not appear on the internet.Internet firms say it is impossible to pre-filter material, but Facebook and Google recently said they had removed content after receiving complaints. see:India will never censor social media – Sibal
No Indian government will ever censor social media, Information Technology Minister Kapil Sibal said, seeking to calm fears of a China-style crackdown on companies like Google and Facebook.A court last year ordered 21 companies including Google and Facebook to block material from their websites that could offend religious groups, arousing concerns about freedom of speech in the world’s biggest democracy.

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