Indian Market Grows 7% to 5.3 Million Domain Names in 2017

There are 5.3 million domain names registered by businesses and individuals in India, with the 2 most popular TLDs being .com and .in, the only 2 with more than one million registrations.

However unlike most developed countries where the ccTLD is the most popular top level domain, in India it’s .com with 3.02 million registrations (57% of all registrations) as of 31 December 2017 easily eclipsing India’s own country code top level domain (ccTLD) .in with 1.4 million registrations (26%), according to statistics published by Zinnov.

There are 170,000 domain names registered in new generic top level domains (new gTLDs), 240,000 in .net and 180,000 in .org.

Overall registrations in the world’s second most populous country grew by 7.1% for the year compared to growth globally of 0.9%. And almost half (48%) of all domain names registered are used for websites, up from 40% at the end of 2016. The number parked for monetisation dropped from 25-30% to 11-13% and the number used just for email drpped rom 10-12% to 9-11%. Domain names used only for mobile-enabled websites roughly tripled to 8-10% from 3-4%.

Apart from the east of India which accounts for 7% of all registrations in the country, registrations are spread fairly evenly with 32% of all domains registered in the north of the country, 30% in the west and 31% in the south.

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) continue to prefer .com followed closely by .in. Interestingly 80% of SMB registrants said cost was not a concern and over half (53%) have social media pages.

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