Increased demand for .eu domain names

EURid, the European registry for .eu, is pleased to report a rapid increase in .eu Internet domain names. In six countries total .eu domain name registrations grew by more than 60% when the second quarter 2008 numbers are compared to the same period last year. The average growth for the whole European Union was 15%, according to the second quarter report from EURid.

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During the same period, .eu domain name registrations in the Netherlands (385 568) surpassed those in the United Kingdom (365 611) for the first time. The Netherlands is now second only to Germany in total number of registrations. The number of .eu registrations in Poland surpassed those in Italy, those in Belgium surpassed those in Sweden and the Czech Republic became the tenth largest .eu country in terms of total .eu registrations. See the table below for more details.

Since April 2006, the .eu top level Internet domain has offered 490 million Europeans in 27 countries a single Internet identity. For more information about .eu statistics, go to

About EURid and .eu

EURid is a private, not-for-profit organisation that manages the .eu top-level domain under a contract with the European Commission. The .eu domain ranks among the ten top-level domains in the world with the most registrations. For more information, visit

Top ten countries by total .eu domain name registrations, at the end of Q2 2008 Top ten fastest growing countries Q2 2008 compared to Q2 2007
1 Germany 872 420 1 Bulgaria 126%
2 Netherlands 385 568 2 Ireland 116%
3 United Kingdom 365 611 3 Lithuania 86%
4 France 222 069 4 Poland 84%
5 Poland 147 244 5 Romania 67%
6 Italy 147 179 6 Luxembourg 65%
7 Belgium 90 612 7 Slovakia 43%
8 Sweden 75 446 8 Estonia 42%
9 Austria 68 805 9 Slovenia 37%
10 Czech Republic 68 571 10 Czech Republic

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